Марганцевий концентрат 32-44%

Київ | Додано: 17 квітня 2021, номер: 60987
    UKREXPORT LTD paves direct access to miners of Manganese Ore in Dnepropetrovsk region of Ukraine. One open-cut mine in the town called Marganets (Manganese) apples only excavators, forklifts and trucks and yields over 50% of all Manganese Ore in Ukraine, which is estimated on the level of 2.5 billion metric tons in general (which is 1/10th part of all world reserves – #1 South Africa 67% and #2 Ukraine 11% for comparison). Another mine in the town Pokrov is also open-cut type but already applies rotor conveyors and uses intermediary warehouses on the way to concentration process. 100% of all Manganese Ore in Ukraine can be consumed domestically more or less quickly. Thus in reality its export is limited, not only by numerous local users but also by notably high moisture content (up to 25%) improper for bulk shipment inside holds of ocean vessels. If it’s not bulk-hauled in trucks or wagons in the neighborhood, it has to be packed into jumbo bags and put on decks of larger ocean vessels collecting partial cargos on their way to remote destinations. Or else jumbo bags can be stuffed into 20ft/40ft containers when bulk cargos are in question. 35% Mn is basic content, concentrated; optionally improved technology allows concentration up to 44% Mn also. Main fraction size lays within 0.25-0.75mm and apart of pure manganese the ore contains roughly 25% of manganese dioxide (MnO2) and roughly 20% of silicon dioxide (SiO2):
    Mn 32-44%; MnO2 30% max; Fe 10% max; Al2O3 2% max; SiO2 25% max; P 0.02% max; S 0.01% max
    Such are the technical and chemical particularities. There’s no need to ask for our particular prices, as we always aim at Metal Bulletin’s FOB Elizabeth up-to-date numbers +10% logistical adjustments for less than 100,000mt parcels. For example, Metal Bulletin’s 37% Mn FOB index being $7.57 per dry metric tonne unit (dmtu) and the 44% Mn CIF index being $8.82/dmtu. After subtracting roughly 20% for moisture and adding roughly 10% for sub-optimal logistics, we quote $255/mt FOB Ukraine and $355/mt CIF China for our less or more enriched Manganese’s. $15/mt off on 35% Mn basis and final price makes $240/mt FOB Ukraine basis.
    We can propose 10,000mt on monthly basis and consider up to 20,000mt on spot basis. Up to 5,000mt monthly is easier to ship in containers, packed in jumbo bags or wrapped inside one big container bag. 100% T/T prepayment applies only, preceded by 2% paid prior to direct miner’s contract. Visit Ukrexport(dot)Ltd.
    As provided by National Classifier of Ukraine DK 009:2010
    "Classification of Types of Economic Activity" (KVED):
    *71130 Domestic trade to commercial оrgаnizations;
    72200 International trade to commercial оrgаnizations;
    *51.70.0 Other wholesale trade.
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